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Theo's 23kg Weight Loss Journey

The above is a photo of Theo, he has been training with ACPT for the last 2 years. Since starting he has achieved these incredible results:

23kg weight loss

19% fat reduction

33cm waist reduction

15cm chest reduction

A whopping 72.5cm reduction across his whole body!

Not only that, Theo has substantially increased strength across the whole body whilst losing fat and has now transitioned to building muscle.

Why am I showing you the results? Firstly because I am incredibly proud of my clients and secondly because I will be giving you all an insight into what we did to get these results. This will be a very brief summary of the principles used which Theo personally granted permission to share.

Principle 1 - Calorie Deficit

Theo ate slightly less than his body needed daily - around 15% less

Principle 2 - Keep protein high

Whilst the body loses fat, it will also eat muscle mass. To help protect the body from eating muscle and recovering properly from training protein has to remain high - minimum 1.5g/kg bodyweight of protein.

Principle 3 - Keep hydrated

Fairly simple:

Women - 3ltr or more/day

Men - 4ltr or more/day

Principle 4 - Keep moving

Walking to work or taking the stairs is a lot easier than going to the gym to do 1 hour of boring cardio. This frees up more time to build strength and increase mobility.

Principle 5 - Look at body movements

The body becomes stiff as a board when seated for long periods of the day, increasing mobility in certain movements like bending over, rotating the spine, placing arms above the head helps you to feel more mobile and free to tackle the day.

This sometimes means strengthening some muscles or stretching some others to allow you to move easier.

Principle 6 - Resistance training

Strengthening the body is a great way of burning calories, increasing mobility, improving happiness and endurance.

Focusing on compound exercises help support movements (Principle 5) for example:

. Squat

. Deadlift

. Bench

. Row

. Shoulder press

IMPORTANT - Don't train too hard! You want to be able to move the next day, slow and steady progress

Principle 7 - Progression

The body adapts quickly, increase one of the following at a time to improve performance:

Volume - Repetitions, Sets and Exercises

Intensity - Weight, Time or Rest Periods

Frequency - Number of sessions/week

Principle 8 - Love the process and consistency

One of my favourite phrases - love the process!

Fat loss doesn't happen overnight, enjoy the smaller parts of training and lifestyle changes.

Do not focus just on the results, they take time to come.

If you have any additional questions about Theo's journey - please give me a shout on

Be your best!

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