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Be your best!

Personal training is all about improving your body, mind and health. Anything is possible with the help of personal trainers, we deal in results!

Programs are recommended as you will be entitled to all features of personal training at discounted rates.

The more sessions you have, the better and quicker you will get your results

Are you ready for change? 

Book Online: About Me
  • Meet up/Call to discuss what ACPT can do for you

  • 4 1-1 personal training sessions a week 30% discount on all sessions

  • 3 1-1 personal training sessions a week 20% discount on all sessions

  • 2 1-1 personal training sessions a week 10% discount on all sessions

  • Online coaching - get fit without leaving your home!

  • Currently a student? If so, you are entitled to a discount!

  • 1 hour video consultation and fully tailored advice.

    40 British pounds
  • A fully tailored monthly detailed workout plan

    50 British pounds
  • One off session

    40 British pounds
Book Online: Bookings
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