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Week 3.5 - Goal Setting For Training

So here we are, after the last 3 weeks you should now know how you want to train, what you want to train and how it is related to your goal. The last thing to do is write these goals down and get ready to live by them!

Today we will be covering goal setting, in particular we will look at:

. Which goal?

. How to write it

. How to follow it

. How to amend it

. How many goals?

Which goal?

To help you, you should refer to week 1 when you drew a spider diagram. My example is below:

As you can see in this example, the common goal is losing weight and feeling healthier/fitter.

You should now know what goal you need to achieve to hit your long term goal.

How to write it

Similar to previous goal setting, you should write is as personal as possible - it is your goal after all!

Try and add as much detail as possible, I will provide 2 examples below to help guide you:

"I will attend the gym 3 times a week for 4 weeks, this is a total of 12 sessions of 45 minutes or more and will be done by 31st March 2021. To help me achieve this I will add training sessions to my calendar and mark them off every time I go. I am doing this because I do not feel confident in the gym but going is one of the ways I will feel more comfortable. Doing more gym sessions will improve my muscles which will make me stronger and feel better about my appearance. The increase in confidence will improve my love life."

- In this goal I have tried to relate it as often as possible to the spider diagram and how it would benefit me in the long run.

"My bench press is currently 40kg for 6 repetitions, I aim to increase this to 50kg for 6 repetitions by 31st March 2021. I will do this by:

. Reducing repetitions to 2 reps for 4 weeks trying to lift heavier each week - this will increase strength

. Followed by 4 weeks trying to increase weight 2.5kg per week at 6 repetitions.

This goal should take 8 weeks to complete.

I am doing this because I feel my chest muscles are weaker and I would like to fill a t-shirt better as currently I am feeling too skinny and want to get more muscular."

- This goal is very different, it has clear numeric targets with timescales that you can write down and aim for.

Note - if you have been following the program you should know how to change reps and weight to increase strength, endurance etc. This comes in really handy when setting up goals like the 2nd example above.

How to follow it

Each goal should be deeply personal to you and only you, these goals have an impact on your current life so you should live by them. To help follow the goals I would recommend following some of these:

. Start a fitness diary

. Put the desired weights in your calendar - this help you understand what to aim for

. Write down each goal and have it visible

. Tell others about your goal

. Get others involved

. Update regularly

. Take measurements

. Note down how you feel

Everyone will have a different way of measuring their goals but please keep it personal. The reason why is often forgotten - on the toughest days these reasons can push you along.

How to amend it

Not all goals go to plan, more often than you think! Firstly, don't panic. If you are doing more/lifting more/feeling better than the week before - you are getting closer to your goal.

You can always move the bar on a goal, if you realize that you will not complete the goal in the desired timescale - increase it.

As long as what you are currently doing is working to the desired goal then it doesn't matter.

If you are unsure about your training and if you are on the right track you should reach out to a fitness professional as we deal with goals on a daily basis and can help you.

How many goals?

For your fitness goal, I would probably aim for a short term and a middle term goal as training goals change. We spoke about goals in week 1 but you should aim for:

. Short Term Goal - Achievable in 1-4 weeks

. Medium Term Goal - Achievable in 3 months

As mentioned earlier this week, not all goals work together so make sure these goals are related to your main focus of training.

As may have noticed, every month you should be able to make a brand new short term goal as they finish within 4 weeks. This means you should be able to complete 3 short term goals before achieving your medium term goal.

Keep them simple, achievable and monitorable.

Be your best!

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