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Week 2.6 - How to set and improve NEAT goals

Today we will be covering another crucial part of a healthy lifestyle and that is NEAT - to help you set some healthy goals I will cover the following:

. What is NEAT?

. What forms of NEAT are there?

. Other ways to improve my lifestyle

. Setting NEAT or lifestyle goals

What is NEAT?

NEAT is Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It is the activity that you are able to add into your daily routine outside of the gym that can help you in the long run.

What forms of NEAT are there?

. Walking (Walk instead of driving)

. Cooking (Standing and cooking instead of ordering/oven meals)

. Standing (Stand whilst watch TV or commuting)

. Take the stairs (walk instead of taking lift)

. Walk to talk instead of sending work emails

. Use a smaller water bottle at work so you have to get up and refill more often

. Stretch whilst watching TV

. Adding exercise into daily tasks (10 burpees every time you make a cup of tea)

. Parking further away in car parks

. Ditch the car entirely (Try commuting on a bike)

. Walk after meals

. Housework

Other ways to improve your lifestyle

. Sleep!

. Meditate

. Reduce stress

. Stretch when standing

. Reduce electronic devices before bed

. Read before bed

. Wake earlier to fit more into your day

. Get others involved with you

Setting NEAT or lifestyle goals

Set up 1 goal to focus on at a time, I often encourage small steps approach - this is changing one small thing every week whilst maintaining any changes you've done previously. An example would be:

Week 1 - Walk 1000 more steps a week

Week 2 - Stand for 1 show a day

Week 3 - Park at the end of the car park

Week 4 - Walk 1000 more steps a week

By the end of this month you should be walking at least 2000 steps more a week.

Make sure these are achievable as you may be come derailed in the process if you miss one.

Be your best!

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