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Week 1.2 - Where to start?

Fitness can be a daunting endeavor, especially due to mass amounts of peer pressure from social channels and expectations of what you think you should look like.

Firstly, you are who you are! Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses, comparing yourself to the next will never be a positive task - focus on loving and improving yourself.

Today I will cover where to start and the most important questions you should answer before starting on this process.

*I strongly suggest you do these tasks with me, it will help you in the future - I will provide examples as we go*

Question 1 - Why do you want to start a fitness journey?

Task - Create a spider diagram and think of 4 main reasons why you want to change.

Example -

Note - don't worry if they seem vague, we will add to these over the next 4 weeks to put a plan together.

Question 2 - Who will it benefit?

Task - Add a person or yourself to each subsection that will benefit from the change. Of course you may put multiple people if you wish. You could even add a reason to help you remember why you wish to change.

Example -

Note - Don't worry if you put 'myself' in all of them - this is your journey!

*We are done with the spider diagram for now so feel free to keep it somewhere you can see it daily*

Question 3 - Where are you at the moment?

Task - Write down as many of the following in a notepad (we will use them today and later in the process)

How often do you train in a week?

How long is each training session?

How tired do you feel during (1-10)?

What type of training do you do? - This could be weights, yoga, jogging, walking etc

How much sleep do you get?

How much water do you drink a day?

How many average steps do you do daily? - Most smartphones record this

How many calories do you eat on average day? - Myfitnesspal can record this, we will cover food next week.

Question 4 - Which of these do you think you can improve?

Task - Circle the one you belief is the easiest to improve.

Note - This will be your short term goal over the next 4 weeks whilst we work on developing a plan.

Examples below:

Steps - Increase 10% every week

Calories - Monitor calories over the next 4 weeks

Training sessions - try increasing your training by one session/week

Water - Try to drink more or reduce soft drinks/energy drinks

Question 5 - Ideal week.

Task - Write down in an ideal world how much you can give to your fitness journey, be hypercritical on your available time as it is very easy to aim too high in this process. Pop down your answers for the below:

How many training sessions ideally in week?

How long is each training session?

How long do you want to sleep every night?

Do you need anything additional to achieve the above? - Could be childcare, car, money etc

Are the above achievable and can you stick to them? - Yes or no

Note - when we plan out your training in week 3 we will use the above as your schedule

Question 6 - What additional do you need?

Task - write down if you need anything additional to help you in your journey.

Examples below:

Gym Membership

Gym Clothes

Water Bottle

Personal Trainer

Food Scales


Doctor's permission or check up

A healthy cookbook

Help from others


Task - Write 4 reasons you want to start fitness journey

Task - Write who benefits from each reason

Task - Write a list of where you are and what you are doing currently

Task - What you can improve immediately

Result - This is your short term goal

Task - What does your ideal week look like?

Task - What additional do you need?

Feel free to share these privately with me if you need any help with the tasks but just be aware you wont have all the answers yet, this is a 4 week process to set up a plan which is achievable and tailored to you.

Be your best!

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