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Training week - Chest

This week we will be covering each of the major muscle groups, each day we will discuss:

. What does it do & its function

. Secondary muscles

. Exercise selection

. How to program them into workouts

. Benefits of training

Today is Chest!

What are they and what function do they have?

The two major muscle groups are the following:

. Pectoralis Major

. Pectoralis Minor

Pec major is the large fan shaped muscle across the chest, it makes the bulk of the chest. It serves to flex, extend and rotate the arm.

Pec minor is a thin triangular muscle below the major, it attaches to the rib cage and stabilizes the shoulder.

Secondary muscles (*Antagonist muscles)

Major - Lats (back), shoulders and triceps

* Antagonist are muscles that contract whilst the other relaxes - work together to provide movement across joint

Additional muscles for support

Pec minor - Supports shoulder

Traps and rhomboids (upper back) - assist pulling shoulder blades together

Exercise selection

#1 Bench press

#2 Cable crossover

#3 Tricep push down

#3 Face pull

#3 Lat pull down

How to program?

. Aim for heavier compound exercises first - Bench

. Add in secondary exercise to isolate minor muscle at a lower weight to focus on form - #2 exercises above

. Add in a supporting exercise to help function of chest (one of the #3 exercises)

* Big tip - choosing a chest and back day will assist development in both areas *

Hope you have fun with the workouts and please feel free to reach out if you need additional information.

Be your best!

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