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Nutrition week - Fiber

Hello all, welcome to ACPT's nutrition week. Throughout the week there will be tips, recipes, facts and figures about all aspects of nutrition. Each day will have a certain topic of nutrition so make sure you stay tuned in to receive all the best information!

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Today we will be covering FIBER!

What is fiber?

There are several types of fiber. Each works differently in your body and gives you distinct health perks. You may be familiar with the terms "soluble fiber" and "insoluble fiber," but within each of those labels are many different kinds of the nutrient.

All types of soluble fibers slow digestion, so it takes longer for your body to absorb sugar (glucose) from the foods you eat. This helps prevent quick spikes in your blood sugar levels -- an important part of managing diabetes.

Soluble fibers also bind with fatty acids, flushing them out of the body and helping to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Insoluble fibers help hydrate and move waste through your intestines. That's one thing it does that helps prevent constipation and keeps you regular.

Where do I get fiber?

. Nuts

. Seeds

. Grains

. Vegetables

. Beans

. Lentils

. Peas

. Fruit

How much should I eat?

. As a rough guideline you should consume:


Facts and figures:

. Reduces chance of constipation

. Promotes good bacteria in gut

. Improved immune function

. Lowers cholesterol

. Makes you feel full

One of my favorite recipes:

Golden yellow smoothie

Ingredients - Serves 1 _______________

1 carrot ½ haas avocado 1 small red apple ½ cucumber 1 fresh ginger 1 tsp turmeric 170 g / 6 oz water Ice

Steps ______

1. Add ingredients to a blender, then gradually increase the speed until it reaches the maximum speed. 2. Blend until smooth.

Nutrition _________

Approx macros for 1 serving Calories 242 Carbs 37g Fat 11g Protein 4g Sugar 20g Fiber12g

The recipe can be found on the following website:

Be your best!

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