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10 tips for easier fat loss

Fat loss is tough! It takes time, commitment and sacrifices to achieve the dream body you have always wanted. There are some quick wins that can help you achieve more without impacting your life too much:

1. Drink more water - seems simple but many fall short of the recommended amount. Ladies aim for 2ltrs/day and gents 3ltrs/day - you will need to increase slightly if you are exercising.

2. Eat less calories - crash diets do not work! Sad but true. Simply reduce your calories by eliminating added extras like mayonnaise, oils, sugars etc. This means you can eat the foods you like without the guilt.

3. Move more - exercise doesn't just mean hammering the weights or high intensity classes. Simply move more to help burn fat, take lunch time walks or take the stairs.

4. Protein - firstly protein will not make you 'bulky'. It is there for recovery and actually requires x3 the calories to digest so you will lose more weight eating it.

5. Veg - cannot promote vegetables enough! Full of vitamins and minerals whilst making you feel fuller for longer - don't need to say more than that.

6. Sleep - letting your body rest and recover is important, bad food choices are often made when you are tired so get some rest and feel fresh.

7. Lift weights - if you have taken the previous 6 points into action you will want an awesome body to show for it, that's where weights enter. You will improve your body composition and increase your metabolism - this means quicker fat loss.

8. Consistency - being a fat loss king/queen for 5 days then binging at the weekend will not work. Fat loss takes a long time so bear with it.

9. Accountable - you are responsible for your fat loss, let people know. Friends and family will hopefully understand and support knowing you are making a great decision.

10. Happiness - try and be happy about the changes, it is tough enough without putting additional stress on yourself. Love the journey you are on, not dread.

Be your best!

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