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Week 4.7 - Why you should choose a personal trainer

Finally after 27 posts we are here - the final post!

Hopefully the last 4 weeks have given you lots of new information around training, goals, nutrition and more.

I would be stupid not to mention why personal trainers are awesome and how we can help you. To help you understand what we do I will list some benefits to a personal trainer:

We are there for you

Personal trainers sole focus is on you, your goals and your future. If you need any additional support we provide it.

We help set your goals

After understanding you more we work closely with you to set clear & achievable goals directly related to your dreams.

We understand what is possible

When given blue sky goals we set what is achievable and what should be a focus.

We are like little fitness detectives

Sometimes it isn't clear what you have to do to achieve your goals, we know the secret tips and tricks to help you achieve them.

We hold you accountable

We monitor and help encourage you to stay on track on a daily basis - regular communications are essential to help you on your journey

We hold ourselves accountable

You are not alone! We hold ourselves accountable for deciding the right decisions.

We analyse your nutrition

Nutrition is essential for transformations. We calculate your calories, macronutrient splits and analyse your eating habits to help you make better choices. Personal trainers should not provide meal plans though so please be careful if they do - only dieticians or nutritionist can provide this!

We set your training

Training days, splits, exercises, reps, sets and intensity is all managed for you with your guidance. Every time you walk into the gym, you will always be working towards your goal.

We listen

Not all personal trainers are about training and nutrition, we listen to you with confidentiality.

We program progression

You don't need to worry about progressing, we set your progression over time and monitor regularly.

We know the right exercises

Most personal trainers should know hundreds of exercises which target muscles in different ways so imbalances will be abolished by correct programming

We know the correct form

Ever been unsure you are doing the exercise right? You won't need to worry with a personal trainer - we know how to train correct form and battle stubborn joints

We can correct your body

If you have weaknesses and tightness we will find them and fix them

We deliver results

That is our currency - we deliver goals and make friends along the way!

Be your best!

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