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Week 4.4 - Frequency

Today we will be covering frequency more, another way to progress your training is to add additional training sessions to your schedule. In particular we will cover:

. What is frequency?

. How to increase it

. How to regress it

. Why would you regress it?

. Considerations

What is frequency?

Frequency is the quantity of sessions over a period of time - typically 7 days which we consider as a microcycle. Frequency can be additional days of training in a week or numerous sessions in a single day. Frequency is a form of volume so you can increase volume by increasing frequency of training.

How to increase it

You can increase frequency by doing one of the following:

. Increase the days you train in a week

. Increase the number of training sessions in a single day

. Include additional training like team sports or walking

How to regress it

Again, do the opposite to above.

Why would you regress it?

Possible reasons to reduce frequency can be:

. Time constraints

. Fatigue

. Muscle soreness

. Change of training intensity

. Addition of sporting games


There are several considerations that should not be forgotten when changing frequency:

. Intensity will need to remain the same or reduce if frequency increases

. Increasing frequency will cause additional fatigue so you should monitor how you feel

. Increasing frequency will take more time or sessions

. Additional sessions will change your training split

Be your best!

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