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Week 3.4 - Programming Tips

Today I will be giving you a few additional tips on programming your goals, this will hopefully set you up ready to set your goals which we will cover tomorrow (blog 3.5):

Tip #1 - If you are new to the gym, try setting a smaller goal like attending the gym 3 times a week for 2 weeks. Your goals don't always have to be 'lift a certain weight for a certain amount of repetitions'

Tip #2 - Don't run before you can walk. Goal setting can be done on a machine instead of a big compound movement, learning to squat efficiently and then double your current lifting weight is a lot harder than doubling a leg press that you already know how to do - they train the same muscles.

Tip #3 - Training goals don't always have to be increases in weight, you could base them on increase repetitions instead of weight or being able to hold an exercise for longer

Tip #4 - Movements are crucial, learning how to achieve a movement is an incredible achievement

Tip #5 - When setting goals, make sure they relate to your original goals discussed in week 1. There is no point putting lots of muscle mass if you want to maintain your health and fitness.

Tip #6 - Remember rest! When programming your training you will always want to fill in every possible free time with training but rest is incredibly important - especially sleep.

Tip #7 - Related to the previous point, you should program rest/de-load weeks where you can focus on lighter weights and allow the body to recover. This prevents over-training and fatigue.

Tip #8 - Bodyweight is a shallow measurement to monitor, it fluctuates too much! You should incorporate body circumference measurements and weekly pictures to guide you on your progress.

Tip #9 - If you are losing fat and building muscle be wary that your circumference measurements and weight will fluctuate and will appear to increase - this is natural and over time will change.

Tip #10 - Changes in the body happen over longer periods of time, do not expect noticeable changes within 2 weeks. Visible changes usually take 3 months or longer

Tip #11 - Pick training you enjoy! Loving the process is very important as you might not be motivated by changes straight away because of the reason above

Tip #12 - You will probably gain weight over the first 4 weeks of training, this is because the body stores more fluids and retains more nutrients. Do not get disheartened if you are trying to lose weight.

Tip #13 - Your goals can be based on how you are feeling, it doesn't always have to be based on weights or circumferences.

Tip #14 - If you train with someone, try and find similar goals. This will motivate you both.

Be your best!

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