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Top 5 - Shoulder Exercises

It is worth noting that throughout the next 4 weeks, these are my preferences - not necessarily the generic fitness preferences.


#1 - Shoulder Press

Best compound for the shoulder, there are plenty of variations with different equipment but essentially it is the same exercise.

#2 - Lateral Raise

Isolating the lateral delts (side delts), this exercise should be performed with a lower weight

#3 - Rear Raise

Similar to the lateral raise, the rear raise isolates the rear delt. You will notice that I haven't included the front delt raise as it is heavily trained in press movements.

#4 - Clean and Press

A great power exercise, often performed with a barbell. The clean and press is a great way to train shoulders.

#5 - Arnold Press

Named after the famous Arnie, this exercises trains all 3 heads and is healthy for the shoulder joint due to the arm rotation throughout the movement.

Be your best!

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