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Top 5 - Quad Exercises

For the next month, I will be putting out some information on my top 5's across the fitness world. Each week will be based on a different aspect to fitness, they are the following:

Week 1 - Top 5 exercises

Week 2 - Top 5 stretches

Week 3 - Top 5 foods

Week 4 - Top 5 home/bodyweight exercises

In week 1, I will be covering:

Monday - Quadricep exercises

Tuesday - Hamstring exercises

Wednesday - Chest exercises

Thursday - Back exercises

Friday - Shoulder exercises

Saturday - Arm exercises

Sunday - Full body exercises

It is worth noting that throughout the next 4 weeks, these are my preferences - not necessarily the generic fitness preferences.


#1 - Squat

Best compound exercise out there for the quads, there are many different forms so plenty to choose from.

#2 - Lunge

Another good compound exercise, great alternative to the squat.

#3 - Step Up

Great for knee health - be careful to keep knee roughly same height as hip to prevent injury.

#4 - Split Squat

Another alternative to the squat, can be added as a bodyweight exercise to leg days.

#5 - Leg Extension

Not necessarily my favorite isolation exercise for the quads but the most common machine you will see for quad isolation.

Be your best!

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