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Top 5 - Full Body Exercises

It is worth noting that throughout the next 4 weeks, these are my preferences - not necessarily the generic fitness preferences.

Full Body:

#1 - Deadlift

This exercise targets most of the major muscles in the body and can be considered a full body exercise.

#2 - Turkish Get Up

This exercise tests your body by keeping a weight above the head whilst getting up off the floor.

#3 - Burpee

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the burpee. Easy to do anywhere, why wouldn't this exercise be in the list?

#4 - Clean and press

Most Olympic weightlifting moves train the whole body at once but the clean and press is the most accessible of them for beginners.

#5 - Kettlebell Swings

Easily performed at home with many different variations available, this is a solid exercise to perform.

Be your best!

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