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Top 5 - Arm Exercises

It is worth noting that throughout the next 4 weeks, these are my preferences - not necessarily the generic fitness preferences.


#1 - Skull crush/overhead extension

Still my favorite tricep exercise, this exercise but dedicated attention on the long head of the tricep.

#2 - Overhand/reverse bicep curl

My favorite bicep exercise as it helps build the front of the forearm as you develop the bicep.

#3 - Tricep pushdown

The pushdown can be done with multiple attachments but the rope is often the most popular.

#4 - Rotating bicep curl

Rotating the arm throughout the movement allows you to work the bicep fully and replicate external rotation through the elbow

#5 - Chin Up & Dip

Not necessarily an arm exercises, you can't ignore the benefit these two exercises have on arm development.

Be your best!

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