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Why you should train with a personal trainer.

Firstly a shock answer, you don't.

Before we get into that, a little background into who and what a personal trainer is:

A personal trainer is a fully certified fitness trainer, this usually consists of a multitude of disciplines such as:

. Nutrition

. Physical training

. Health and safety

. Programming and progression planning

What you will notice if you've ever trained with multiple trainers is that no trainer is alike, they all understand the fundamentals as part of their certified qualifications however they vary based on the following:

. Their personal experience

. Their personal interests

. Their further learning

. Their opinions

What can personal trainers do for you?

As a basis all personal trainers can cover:

. Fat loss training

. Nutrition advice (not meal plans!)

. Strength training

. Fitness training

. Flexibility training

. Muscle building training

. Programming exercise

. Healthier lifestyle suggestions

. Safe and appropriate training

As you can see we cover a lot, but what sets us apart in certain areas:

. Advanced learning and qualifications

. Experience

. Tools to help you achieve your goal

. Level of service to and for you

So why don't I need a personal trainer?

This is all reliant on your goals and whether you aspire for bigger changes to your lifestyle and health. Some people are not ready for change, so if you aren't sure it is always worth sitting down with a personal trainer to discuss steps forward, we won't bite - I promise!

If you are happy to just move around more, eat a little healthier and lift some weights - do that. You don't necessarily need a personal trainer.

Why should I get a personal trainer then?

Simply, because we get results.

Regardless of the goals you have in mind, we can get you there or a little closer to them through knowledge and experience. Personal trainers know the best & easiest ways of getting your goals without you being lead astray in your fitness journey.

When am I ready for personal training?

If you are reading this, you probably are.

Personal training shouldn't be a scary process as we are there to help ease you into training, the trainer should identify where you are at that point in time mentally and physically in order to adapt the plan to you.

If you are ever wary of personal training or the plan that is set for you, reach out and be vocal - we are there to service you.

How should I pick a personal trainer?

2 things should be crucial:

1. Experience and relevance

The trainer should be trained in the goal you want

2. Do you like them

Often you spend 3-5 hours a week 1-1 with them, you should get on with them and they should be focused solely on you.

I hope this helps!

Be your best.

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