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Training week - Back

This week we will be covering each of the major muscle groups, each day we will discuss:

. What does it do & its function

. Secondary muscles

. Exercise selection

. How to program them into workouts

. Benefits of training

Today is the back!

What are they and what function do they have?

The back has a complicated structure so I will split it into two sections which consists of a mix of numerous muscles:

. Lower back - Erector spinae, serratus posterior, Latissimus dorsi and thoracolumbar fascia

. Upper back - Trapezius, Deltoid, Rhomboid (major and minor), Teres (minor and major) and levator scapulae.

Lower back muscles support the spine and provide numerous movements like twisting, moving and bending. They also provide protection to major organs and prevent postural changes.

Upper back muscles has increased levels of support as they attach directly to the ribs and assists in the movement of the scapula which controls shoulder and arm movements.

Secondary muscles (*Antagonist muscles)

Lats - Shoulders

Traps and rhomboids - Chest

As stated in yesterday's blog, mixing chest and back is a great idea to provide stability and development in both areas.

* Antagonist are muscles that contract whilst the other relaxes - work together to provide movement across joint

Additional muscles for support

Biceps - Provide support on pulling movements

Glutes - provide muscular support to the lower back

Exercise selection

#1 Bent over row - Develops overall back

#2 Lat pull down - Focus on lat development

#3 Face pull or single cable pull - improves function of scapula

How to program?

. Aim for heavier compound exercises first - Row

. Add in secondary exercise to isolate weak muscles at a lower weight to focus on form - #2 exercises above

. Develop movement of upper back as lower back has been triggered - #3 exercise above

Hope you have fun with the workouts and please feel free to reach out if you need additional information.

Be your best!

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