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Training week - Legs

This week we will be covering each of the major muscle groups, each day we will discuss:

. What does it do & its function

. Secondary muscles

. Exercise selection

. How to program them into workouts

. Benefits of training

Today is Legs!

What are they and what function do they have?

The two major muscle groups are the following:

. Quadriceps

. Hamstrings

Quads are the front of the legs, they are crucial for the extension of the knee joint and attach to the hip. The provide strength and stability across the knee and drives the knee upwards when walking, running or jumping.

Hamstrings are at the back of the legs, as they act upon two joints (hip and knee) they have two roles - extend the hip and reduce (flex) the knee. They are crucial for similar movements that the quads are responsible for such as running and jumping.

Secondary muscles (*Antagonist muscles)

Quads - Hamstrings

Hamstrings - Quads

You can see that both muscles are linked therefore you should equally train them with similar loads to improve balance across the body.

* Antagonist are muscles that contract whilst the other relaxes - work together to provide movement across joint

Additional muscles for support

Glutes - Support core and keep legs straight

Calves - provide muscular support and protects from impact

Exercise selection

#1 Quads - Squat or Leg Press

#1 Hamstring - Deadlift

#2 Quads - Leg Extension

#2 Hamstrings - Romanian Deadlift

#3 Quads - Lunge

#3 Hamstrings - Leg Curl

How to program?

. Aim for heavier compound exercises first - Squats and deadlifts

. Add in secondary exercise to isolate weak muscles at a lower weight to focus on form - #2 exercises above

. If you have become used to exercise and need additional fatigue to main muscle, add in #3 exercise.

So for example:

Quad based session

. Squats (Heavy) - main muscle and movement

. Romanian deadlift - agonist muscle group

. Lunge - additional fatigue of main muscle group

Hope you have fun with the workouts and please feel free to reach out if you need additional information.

Be your best!

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