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Nutrition week - Vegetables

Hello all, welcome to ACPT's nutrition week. Throughout the week there will be tips, recipes, facts and figures about all aspects of nutrition. Each day will have a certain topic of nutrition so make sure you stay tuned in to receive all the best information!

Information will be placed upon 3 different media platforms:

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Make sure to follow ACPT on all platforms to receive the updates.

Today we will be covering VEGETABLES!

Why talk about vegetables?

So important I dedicated a whole day to them! These legends have everything you need in terms of fiber, vitamins and nutrients. They will make you feel full, improve your metabolism, increase your immune system and make you fitter and stronger than ever. I would always suggest getting a variety of colors in every meal but green is always best!

How much should I eat?

. As much as you want!

. I typically tell clients not to measure vegetables when calorie counting as they are so beneficial to the body.

Facts and figures:

. Vegetables are a carbohydrate so roughly has 4 calories per gram

. Full of minerals and vitamins

. High in fiber

. Helps protect from muscle loss and has anti-inflammatory benefits

. Helps maintain blood pressure

. Small amounts of protein in green vegetables

One of my favorite recipes:

High Protein Vegan Snack Pots

Ingredients - Serves 4 _______________ 230 g / 8 oz edamame beans (shelled) 230 g / 8 oz frozen peas 4 tbsp sesame seeds 4 tbsp soy sauce (low sodium) Sriracha sauce Fresh cilantro (coriander) Steps ______ 1. Place frozen peas and edamame in a microwave safe bowl. Add a splash of water and defrost in the microwave for around 30 seconds or until no longer frozen. 2. In a small container, pot or jar, place seeds along with the peas and beans. 3. Stir through soy sauce, chili and cilantro just before eating. Enjoy! Nutrition _________ Approx macros for 1 of 4 servings Calories 177 Carbs 16g Fat 8g Protein 11g Sugar 7g Fiber 7g

*Can add in multiple additional vegetables, try sweetcorn and chopped up broccoli*

The recipe can be found on the following website:

Be your best!

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