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10 tips for muscle gain

Gaining muscle takes forever, trust me. If you thought that fat loss takes a while, try building muscle.

See below my top 10 tips for building muscle:

1. Lift heavy - you will need to lift heavy to build muscle, no more light weights on a machine.

2. Lift slower - slower tempo increases fatigue and muscle development so go nice and slow. Time under tension!

3. Don't skip carbs - it is your fuel and essential for increased intensity of workouts, keep yourself performing at the highest.

4. 8-12 repetitions - this number varies slightly but 8-12 repetitions is a good starting point.

5. Consistency - just like fat loss - this is a continuous process of hard work and dedication

6. Frequency - I am a strong believer in frequency, don't just hammer your legs on one day and wait 7 days to do it again. Mix up the muscle groups.

7. Advanced methods - towards the end of the work out, try some advanced training methods like drop sets, giant sets or supersets to get true muscle fatigue.

8. Additional protein - when your training intensity rockets up you will probably feel ok for the first week but soon your body will start to struggle. Recovery is so important!

9. Train with a friend - let them spot you! The biggest fear of increasing weight is the risk of injury.

10. Stretch and flexibility - lifting heavier weights places additional stress on joints, make sure you are lifting safe and efficiently.

Be your best!

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