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Fittest Sunday Lunch Ever

We all love them, it's the staple meal on a Sunday but how can you get the most of it.

I will go through some simple swaps for a healthier roast:

Protein - swap red meats for leaner white meats

Carbs - swap white potato for sweet potato

Veg - swap parsnips for broccoli

Gravy - swap normal for a low sugar/salt version

Seems simple right? Why not go further.

Tip #1 Stuffing has minimal calories and is filling. 1/5 of a packet has 70 calories.

Tip #2 Green veg retains more water and has higher fiber which keeps you fuller for longer

Tip #3 Make your own Yorkshire puddings - you have greater control what goes into them which will reduce the calories compared to supermarket alternatives

Use the roast to boost your Monday morning blues.

Start the diet on a Sunday or prepare your work week with a nutrient rich Sunday roast to kick start your week.

Vitamin A - Boost immune system

Pick these:


Sweet potato

Vitamin B - Healthy brain, healthy you.

Pick these:



Vitamin C - Reduce the Monday stress

Pick these:


Bell Pepper

Vitamin D - Work in an office? Look no further.

Pick these:



Vitamin E - Fight cancer!

Pick these:

Green veg (Leafy)

Vitamin K - thick and healthy blood.

Pick these

Green veg (Any)

One final note; as many people struggle with sleeping on a Sunday night due to overthinking about the week or dread of the Monday morning madness it is worth eating some zinc and magnesium. Luckily these are found in abundance from fresh poultry and green vegetables so make sure you eat your greens!

Be your best!

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