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Why winter workouts work!

Yes I know this sounds absolutely mental but working out in winter is a really good idea. Heading outdoors for a run or a session has many health benefits, don't believe me - check out the following facts from Aston University:

Boosts your immune system - Doing exercise will not only help you fight off any symptoms of a cold or flu but reduce the likelihood of you even being affected. Your immune system works harder and is more prepared to fight off foreign invaders and their nasty symptoms.

Great cardiovascular exercise - Cold weather forces your body to work harder during training, and this also applies to your cardiovascular system. As the heart works harder to pump blood around the body during cold weather exercise, this invigorating workout helps to keep your heart health in tip-top shape. With cardiovascular disease being a major health threat in this country, anything that strengthens your heart is a smart move.

Improves your mood - you did it! You braved the cold and smashed a great workout. Exercise can boost your mood at any time of year, but it has a particularly profound effect during winter, sending those all-important feel-good hormones soaring, and keeping the winter blues at bay. In fact, research has shown that a good workout can be up to four times more effective than taking antidepressants, for improving symptoms of depression. As well as being an effective mood booster and pick-me-up, getting outdoors in the fresh air in cold weather can help replenish vitamin D levels in the skin.

Burn more calories - what?! Yes you heard right. This is due to the body working much harder to keep its core temperature regulated. As the body works to stay warm, the metabolism is kicked into overdrive and your body burns through more calories and fat.

ACPT tip - make sure you have warm backup clothes!

Be your best.

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