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Fat loss vs fast food

Fat loss is tough

Winter promotes staying inside, cuddling up with loved ones and treating yourself with a takeaway. I would be a hypocrite to say I do not do this and don't fall for the temptations of fast food because I do.

Instead of preventing the inevitable - I have learnt to manage it with some healthier tips:

1. Find low calorie alternatives

Pizza - low fat mozzarella

Pizza - thin crust

Pizza - vegetables instead of meat

Burgers - try wraps

Burgers - chicken over beef

Burgers - grilled chicken instead of fried chicken

Burgers - veggie burger or fish instead of beef or chicken

Chips - sweet potato fries instead of fries

Chips - salad instead of fries

Curry - tomato based instead of creamy

Curry - rice instead of Naan

Curry - Skewer meats instead of pastries

2. Check calories before ordering

Many fast food restaurants provide nutritional guidance as part of their service, becoming your own expert on your food helps. Google the menu and decide before ordering, this will save awkward "What's the healthiest option?"

3. Drink a glass of water

It has been noted that hunger can also come from dehydration, try drinking a glass of water 10 minutes before ordering to protect you ordering with your eyes - not your stomach.

4. Share

Not my own personal forte but trying sharing.

5. Understand your calories

I am a massive advocat of eating within moderation. Food is too good to limit so understand your calories, calculating your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) then taking 10% off will give you enough calories to lose body fat. After that budget your calories, if you think you will have a takeaway make sure you have enough to enjoy your food. The ways you can increase available calories are simple:

. Eat less earlier that day

. Exercise that day

For more information on healthier choices or ways to help lose fat please contact

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