Technique Tuesday - The Romanian Deadlift

Muscles worked . Glutes . Hamstrings . Lower Back . Upper Back Technique cues Bend at the hips - not the spine Keep the hips high throughout - do not increase knee bend too much Keep knees slightly bent throughout Keep upper back tight throughout - imagine holding a newspaper in your arm pits Before shoulders drop and upper back releases - come back up through the movement Maintain neutral spine throughout - look towards the floor Keeps knee straight or outwards slightly - do

Theo's 23kg Weight Loss Journey

The above is a photo of Theo, he has been training with ACPT for the last 2 years. Since starting he has achieved these incredible results: 23kg weight loss 19% fat reduction 33cm waist reduction 15cm chest reduction A whopping 72.5cm reduction across his whole body! Not only that, Theo has substantially increased strength across the whole body whilst losing fat and has now transitioned to building muscle. Why am I showing you the results? Firstly because I am incredibly prou