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10 tips for increased flexibility

Increasing your flexibility is great for you, whether you are 16 or 65 - the benefits are countless. Increased flexibility has proven to improve balance, strength, injury prevention, posture and less pain. See below my top 10 tips for increasing flexibility: 1. Stretch for longer - you will need to stretch for more than 1-2 minutes if you are to increase flexibility. 2. Progress the stretch - many of us start stretching then release the tension after a few seconds. To increase your flexibility you have to continue to push throughout the stretch. 3. Learn what assistance muscle groups are - if you are looking to improve a muscle group, make sure you take time to stretch other muscle groups th

10 tips for muscle gain

Gaining muscle takes forever, trust me. If you thought that fat loss takes a while, try building muscle. See below my top 10 tips for building muscle: 1. Lift heavy - you will need to lift heavy to build muscle, no more light weights on a machine. 2. Lift slower - slower tempo increases fatigue and muscle development so go nice and slow. Time under tension! 3. Don't skip carbs - it is your fuel and essential for increased intensity of workouts, keep yourself performing at the highest. 4. 8-12 repetitions - this number varies slightly but 8-12 repetitions is a good starting point. 5. Consistency - just like fat loss - this is a continuous process of hard work and dedication 6. Frequency - I a

10 tips for easier fat loss

Fat loss is tough! It takes time, commitment and sacrifices to achieve the dream body you have always wanted. There are some quick wins that can help you achieve more without impacting your life too much: 1. Drink more water - seems simple but many fall short of the recommended amount. Ladies aim for 2ltrs/day and gents 3ltrs/day - you will need to increase slightly if you are exercising. 2. Eat less calories - crash diets do not work! Sad but true. Simply reduce your calories by eliminating added extras like mayonnaise, oils, sugars etc. This means you can eat the foods you like without the guilt. 3. Move more - exercise doesn't just mean hammering the weights or high intensity classes. Sim

Fittest Sunday Lunch Ever

We all love them, it's the staple meal on a Sunday but how can you get the most of it. I will go through some simple swaps for a healthier roast: Protein - swap red meats for leaner white meats Carbs - swap white potato for sweet potato Veg - swap parsnips for broccoli Gravy - swap normal for a low sugar/salt version Seems simple right? Why not go further. Tip #1 Stuffing has minimal calories and is filling. 1/5 of a packet has 70 calories. Tip #2 Green veg retains more water and has higher fiber which keeps you fuller for longer Tip #3 Make your own Yorkshire puddings - you have greater control what goes into them which will reduce the calories compared to supermarket alternatives Use the r



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